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Why a Monthly Maintenance Program is Vital to Your Website

Why a Monthly Maintenance Program is Vital to Your Website


Wondering whether or not monthly website maintenance is worth the headache? Think about it like this. Your website is like a car and monthly maintenance is like making sure your car has gas and the fluids are all topped off. There are many components that make a highly functioning website that need to be checked and updated regularly so that the website stays protected and continues to perform optimally. Here is all you need to know about keeping your website in tip-top shape!

Update, test, repeat. When developers release core updates, they can grossly affect editing functionality and theme compatibility. These newly wired themes, plugins or files must be tested to prevent formatting issues.

Nowadays with hacking being a more common occurrence,   it is imperative that your website is properly protected. Check your website for security threats and update your security software as necessary. This will save you a lot of time and money AND you will never have to worry about the integrity and reputation of your business being compromised if you know you’re protected.

Some issues are just unpredictable. In the event that your website does fall victim to a hacker, a plugin fails or your hosting provider goes down; whatever the scenario, you need to have a backup. An up-to-date back up is essential in these situations in case something unforeseen happens and your website crashes. Only saving an original backup of your website won’t cut it either because as you make changes to your website, the original version will not mirror them. Backups will allow you to restore your site in case of these issues and is a reactive solution to viruses and malware, so take my word for it and update your backups monthly.

This seems like a lot, but compared to the time and money you’ve invested in your website and most specifically your brand, this is essential. Do yourself a favor and take the steps to protect yourself and your business’s website! RAC can do all this for your website for a reasonable cost. Their monthly maintenance plan includes Theme, Plugin, WP Core Updates, testing, monthly backups, malware scan, removal of security threats, customer updates upon request, such as: copy edits and changes, uploading of images, page formatting and edits, non-development and light editing needs, SEO optimization, and they will check for missing links and 401 redirects as well. Additionally, they’ll set you up with a Google Analytics account, so you can track your websites progress! Contact Renee Allen Creative to sign up for their maintenance plan today!


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