It was the first leg of our two week trip to Europe and we had a 12 hr layover in Toronto. So, we decided to utilize our time and check out the city and Niagara Falls. We rented a car and off we went. We arrived at the falls in an hour or so and it was only about 9am est. Since our flight left from LAX and it was only a 4.5hrs flight, we were running on only a wink of sleep from the plane ride.

We ate breakfast at a place called "family dining" in the main town. The food was bland and expensive for the quality. I suggest eating at IHOP instead! We decided to walk to the falls and parked just outside of the town for a $5 all day parking rate.

Upon first glance of the falls, you are taken back by its grand scale and beauty. We decided to walk to the American side to the observation deck. You will need your passport to come back in so make sure you bring that along. There are turn styles that cost $0.50 to cross to the American side. There is a beautiful panoramic view from the crossing bridge worthy of pausing for.

Once at the observation deck, we paid $17/ each to get to the view, which also includes a boat ride into the falls. The boat ride is the best and totally worth it but caution... You do get soaked! They provide ponchos which help keep you dry but your shoes may get wet even still. Don't skip the small walk up the stairs along the side of the falls ether, there is a great view for "selfies" with double rainbows (on a good day). Plus you get to hear the roar of the falls from much closer up.

After the viewing deck, we continued along the walking path (north/east) into the park. It's a beautiful stroll along the waters edge where you get to see the masses of water pouring over the falls. We found out that Niagara Falls and the Great Lakes that it supplies moves 20% of the worlds fresh water! We hopped on the trolley that goes around the park which, for $2 and a wrist band, you can take a tour and learn about the history of the area. You'll get some good tidbits from the drivers and can hop on and off at different locations. They run approx ever 15-20mins.

We finished the falls around 1pm so the entire experience took approx 3 hrs.

We headed back to Toronto and arrived around 2pm. We found parking in a garage for about $7 by the St. Laurence Market. It's a fun place to visit and find rare delicious foods and unique trinkets.

After that we wandered and got lost looking for the famous hockey sports bar called ,Real Sports Bar. The locals were very friendly and helped direct us since our navigation was having trouble picking up a signal in the city and there was lots of construction. The sports bar had the biggest TV I had ever seen and had every inch of he walls covered in tv's! The guys told me that the urinals even had a TV over each one so you wouldn't miss a beat of the game! Prices were reasonable for a city bar, $10 beer, with daily specials. After a couple of beers and resting our feet it was time to get back to our terminal for our next flight to Copenhagen.

-Toronto city traffic is bad so give yourself plenty of time during rush hours.
- American currency is accepted here for everything.






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