“Not com” Domains Are Exploding

2015 marked the explosion of the "Not com's" (not .com) to the market and we watch the growth rate of people, businesses and corporations who reserve the rights to use their own "not com" for their website, rise exponentially. As reported by Donuts Domains in their end of year analasys of the growth of "no coms" (found here).

Business Creativity

Not only does this new option allow us to explore a more creative way to market our businesses, but it allows industry services to differentiate themselves from another with the same name. For examples, in the past you may have wanted to get the domain "www.ReneeAllen.com", but god forbid there is ANOTHER Renee Allen somewhere in the country that already has that domain reserved. Until now, you may have had to think of an appending noun, such as "www.ReneeAllenCreative.com". Well now we are able to choose "not coms" so that we don't have to add more words to our domain, it's the noun after the period that matters. Examples, www.ReneeAllen.creative, www.ReneeAllen.graphicdesign, www.ReneeAllen.photography.


There are limitations to the "not coms" because the categories that are available are created by the domain gods. Someone who decides what categories we get to use and which we don't get to use just yet. Fear not! As this growth continues, we will be blessed with many more domains to choose from.

It's Not A Fad

In my opinion, this is the beginning of the new wave of domains for businesses. So don't wait to get your "not com"! All the big corporations, Apple, Google, Amazon, Sony, Barclays, General Motors, Lionsgate, Marriott, McDonald’s and Taco Bell... to name a few, are already owners of their own "not com".

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