7 Reasons Why Small Businesses NEED A Professional Logo and Marketing Materials

Frequently when I work with small and start up businesses, the first thing that they ask me to design is a business card. The business card is VERY important because this is you first impression as you hand your card over to a potential customer/client. But what most business owners forget is that before you can have a business card, you should establish your brand. That means that you need to have:

  • A professionally designed Logo (unique to your business)
  • A professionally designed Slogan (licensed & copyrighted)
  • A Mission Statement
  • A Business Plan
  • And a vision for Who your business serves and Why

(Read my blog 5 Questions To Ask Yourself When Developing Your Logo)

These are simple steps to getting your business off to the right start and guaranteeing your success. Many start up's find it difficult to dish out the money for a new business when they don't know if it will be successful. To that I ask:

How do you expect anyone else to invest (have confidence in paying for your product or service) in your business if you won't even invest in it?

While you consider your answer to the last question, let me explain to you why establishing your brand and having a nice logo design is so important!

7 Reasons Why Small Businesses NEED A Professional Logo and Marketing Materials

  1. LOOK ESTABLISHED: People and other businesses are more likely to use a branded business for their needs because that means you are serious about what you do and don't plan on going out of business any time soon.
  2. BE MEMORABLE: When it comes to business, we all judge a book by it's cover and first impressions are everything. If a car detailer hands me an unattractive business card with a 'clip art' logo, I will wonder if his service is as cheap as his card is. Therefore, the chance that I'll call him to clean my car is very slim.
  3. REPUTABLE, RESPONSIBLE, RELIABLE: Your business card tells me how serious you are about your business. Are you throwing spaghetti at the wall to see which business endeavor sticks , or are you choosing to dedicate your time, energy and reputation on your business?
  4. EXPLAIN WHAT YOU DO: Your business name (i.e. Renee Allen Creative) might not be self explanatory to everyone. Instead, a slogan or tag line can help to better describe what you do (exe: Renee Allen Creative - Small Business Development Through Creative Branding and Design). Having a postcard sized flyer to hand out with your business card will allow you to explain about your services and promotional offers more in depth . Meanwhile, the business card gives a personal touch in letting the customer know that they can call you direct.
  5. STAND OUT FROM COMPETITORS: A 27 year old will be more likely to choose the Taco Shop with a cool, hip logo where a taco wears a mustache over the dated, 1970's logo of the competitors shop down the street. Old businesses even benefit from getting a logo update as it shows that your business is progressive and relevant. Catering to your demographic is very important. (Download my logo questioner and to explore your demographic)
  6. PRIDE: No one likes to look at an ugly logo. With a professional design you can feel proud to place it everywhere you please! On your business card, side of your car, shirts and hats, website, etc!
  7. IMPRESSIONS: It takes 12 impressions (a viewing, glimpse, look) to make 1 impression. That means 1 out of every 12 times someone looks at your brand will it actually register in their brain! The better the logo, the better your chance to be in the front of their memory banks when they need your particular service.


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