Whether you are in need of a new logo or simply some rebranding, let's be sure to make an impression. My professional looking designs will put you ahead of your competitors and fresh in the minds of your customers. Email Me For A Quote at info@reneeallencreative.com Services include but not limited to:

  • Logo Design
  • Business Cards & Stationary
  • Promotional Flyers
  • Signage
  • Invitations & Greeting Cards
  • Announcements
  • Mailers & Brochures
  • ...and more!

All my life I have been taking photos. Heck, as a kid I almost got eaten by an alligator trying to get the close up shot (true fact!). My photography services are vast and I love to stretch the boundaries with it. Using my creativity to add to your branding or personal event will surely make it a memorable one. Email Me For A Quote at info@reneeallencreative.com

Services are not limited to the following:

Business Photography:

  • Headshots & Office Photos
  • Product Photography
  • Landscapes
  • Special Events
  • Stock Photography

Personal Services:

  • Family Portraits
  • Engagements & Weddings
  • Family Events & Milestone Photography
  • Newborn Photography
  • Pet Photography

I specialize in WordPress web design which allows me to take a template of choice and customize it according to your needs by creating custom graphics and coding. The benefit of this is that I will then teach you how to make simple updates to your own website so that you won't need a webmaster for every little change. No nickel and dimming here! Email Me For A Quote at info@reneeallencreative.com

  • Website Design & Customization
  • Email Set Up
  • Domain and Hosting Purchasing
  • Personalized Graphics
  • Website Maintenance
  • Social Media Linking
  • Website Control Panel Education
  • ...and more!

Some of my most recent clients include: AguaDrone.com, AngelsofWarriors.org, KaaliDesigns.com, Home.InsureNMWDesigns.com, RiverasBodyShop.com, and FamilyValuesLegacy.com.

It is so important to stay in touch with your network and customers these days. Social media can be such a bombardment of information that email has been found to be the more effective way to nourish those personal relationships. This is an engaging process where people really take the time to open and look at what you are presenting them with. It can be effective for all businesses, for all purposes, but is a highly strategic process. Email Me For A Quote at info@reneeallencreative.com

  • Email Campaign Strategizing & Advertising
  • Custom Template Designs
  • Linking & Analytics
  • List Building
  • Monthly Newsletters
  • Content Creation
  • Marketing Plans

The elephant in the room. We can't avoid it. After all, it is the best FREE resource out there to make an extremely high impression on your market. You MUST be taking advantage of this now. Yet, there are many networks out there and choosing the best one for you is just as important. I will help you to strategize and design a marketing plan which will help you to explode in the social media network of your choice. Email Me For A Quote at info@reneeallencreative.com

  • Monthly Social Media Marketing Plan
  • Custom Graphics
  • Professional Profiles & Pages
  • Daily Posting
  • Help with Content Creation
  • Blogging & Video Blogging
  • Advertising

Over the past 5 years, video has become one of the most vissually pleasing and fastest ways to communicate. More and more clients ask me for video services and that is why I am now offering the following:

  • Video Production, Direction, and Editing
  • Video Blogs
  • Teasers / Shorts / Informative Videos
  • Documentary Style Videos
  • Custom Video Graphics
  • ...and more!

Email Me For A Quote at info@reneeallencreative.com

Check out some of the recent videos I have produced below!




Renee Allen the Creative Navigator

Renee Allen

Graphic Designer & Photographer

Over the past 10 years, I have had the privilege to work along side many small business owners and entrepreneurs. This has given me the opportunity to sharpen my creative skills in a very different way than most graphic artists. In my freelance business, Renee Allen Creative, I market myself as a Creative Specialist with a focus on small business development through design and branding. I provide an array of multi-media services which makes me a valuable team member. Not only am I business savvy and a professional, I work really well with others and in a team environment. My goal is to cultivate and bring to life the vision of the client - to give them a creative advantage over their competitors. Along the way, I provide consulting and strategic advice. Currently, I split my time between my freelance business and a nonprofit called Angels of Warriors (angelsofwarriors.org). There, I am solely responsible for the graphic design and production of print collateral, event signage, social media marketing, website design and email marketing. As part of the Special Events and Marketing team for the nonprofit, I also assist in planning and coordination and help to oversee the volunteers.

"My passion is to help bring your dream into reality through the creative process."

In my spare time, I love to explore and travel the world looking for new and exciting adventures. Through the eye of my camera, I strive to capture nature in it's purest form. One of my goals is to be a published National Geographic photographer someday. This, along with helping small businesses, is what pushes me to stay creatively inspired and motivated.


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Hey folks! It's been a minute since last post so I wanted to update you on my happenings. Currently I am visiting family in Lake Tahoe, CA. Check out the view here! I have had the privilege to photograph my sisters baby shower... It was a very...Read More »


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